Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery

Addiction disconnects us from ourselves, our community and the people and things we love. Yoga meaning union is a traditional method of joining the individual self, back home to the universal spirit.

Yoga as a therapeutic intervention cultivates bodily awareness in a meditative and nurturing way, allowing students to safely connect with their bodies and look within. As the student progresses compassion for oneself emerges, and with it a new ability to positively deal with the rehabilitation process.

Developing appropriate coping strategies such as the practice of deep breathing, also known as pranayama, can help ease the discomfort and process any emotions that may arise in a healthy and natural way, the body will begin the process of repairing cells and the automonic nervous system is put into a state of deep relaxation.

With Crave Yoga for Addiction & mental wellbeing I hope to help you develop healthier coping strategies both on and off the mat. Combining the physicality of a work out and a mental calmness derived from meditation you can find healing physically, mentally and spiritually.

What to expect in a class:

The style of yoga will be traditional hatha and suitable for all levels, ages and demographic. Classes will be gentle and nurturing with the main focus being on connecting back to ones self. Themes and focus will change each week, but students will work to what they feel comfortable with.

Loose comfortable clothes recommended, but this is not power yoga so you wont be working up too much of a sweat.



Note: Whilst Yoga for Recovery has achieved excellent results with many physical and mental conditions the technique should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care, and should always be used in conjunction with medical consultation and intervention for such conditions.