Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Nestled in a quiet tranquil setting in the heart of Bondi beach, is the Red tent wellness centre and it is here you will find crave living’s services including the Bondi Reiki room.

Life can get hectic & this can lead to a draining of the life force energy and a mind that is unable to focus. Anxiety and other negative emotions and illness can arise.

Reiki therapy is a Japanese technique developed in 1922 and is a literal hands-on practice which seeks to place the patient in a state of relaxation; the founding principle asserts that life-force or Qi can be transferred on bodily contact to encourage healing.
By getting Reiki treatments on a regular basis, you may notice that your once frazzled and scattered energy is centered, grounded, and calm. Your mind will be more peaceful, and everyday stressors will be easier to deal with. This will help you enjoy a healthier relationship with yourself and others and will also safely assist you to heal emotional and mental wounds, such as past traumas or grief, that you have been carrying with you.

As your stress is reduced, you will be able to see things more clearly and make better decisions that will foster your fulfillment and happiness. Your immune system will become stronger, which means you will not be as susceptible to illness, and you will feel more energized, thanks to improved sleep patterns, stress reduction and emotional balancing.

Reiki therapy can be used as a great tool in early recovery to help with the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal.
May also help with:

1. Emotional pain
2. Anxiety/depression
3. Physical pain
4. Headaches
5. Muscle pain
6. Vomiting
7. Dizziness
8. Sleep disorders

A typical session:
Before we begin any treatment we will have a full private consultation, which may include details of your medical history.
You will be lying down comfortably fully clothed, i will be placing my hands gently on or slightly above the body, in a predetermined sequence. The position of the hands is non-intrusive and should not cause any discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you can let me know. The amount of time spent in each position will depend on the nature of your concern. I often use positive affirmations during sessions tailored to each individual case.

How will you feel?

Everyone respond’s differently to Reiki depending on their circumstances. Some people say they feel sensations during their treatments, while others do not, heat or tingling during the session are common and often people doze into a dream like state. For some, the experience brings up an emotional response, and old trauma can be released in a safe and nurturing way. The most common response however is a feeling of calm and relaxation.
There is no right or wrong way with this type of energy work and each session may be different, but please know I will be there to support you on your Journey.

Note: Whilst REIKI has achieved excellent results with many physical and mental conditions, the technique should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care and should always be used in conjunction with medical consultation and intervention for such conditions.

“Everything is energy and thats all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy this is physics”

Albert Einstein