Find out why SOBER is the new HIGH 

Where – One Space HQ – 66 Bondi road, Bondi, Sydney.

When – Friday 28th July 2017


Are you coming to the end of a sucessful dry July? or did you have good intentions but didnt see them through? either way no judgement here! I thought my life was literally over when I cut drinking out of my life a few years ago.

Luckily for me it wasn’t and after scratching beneath the surface of myself and this beautifull city we live in I realised I am not alone, there are infact other people who do not drink and still party and have fun! yes you heard me it is still possible to have FUN without the drink. I will share how I turned from the bottle to my yoga mat, and the benefits ive experienced living alcohol free.


Sobering thoughts –  On the night we will have a great line up of guest speakers including:

Matt Ringrose from the Bondi meditation centre: who will give us the low down on how meditation can help us cut down on drinking. ” As well as making you generally happier and healthier, Vedic Meditation is extremely effective in helping us to break long-held bad habits”
He will also chat about the awesome over the influence alcohol and drug free party he hosts ( he is a very talented DJ) and what his thoughts are about both topics.
Find out more about Matt and his parties at the Bondi Meditation Centre facebook page.


Kate Madigan from Bondi Bare living: Will give us some great information and advice on Essential oils and how we can use them to benefit our moods, cravings and all round wellbeing. Im currently obsessed with Vetiver which I use for anxiety. Check out her page bondi bare living for lots of great tips.


Katie O’Neill will be joining us and sharing her story on being a sober female DJ in Sydney, and her new business venture.


“Our vision is a world where drinking is an individual choice, not a cultural expectation. A world where confidence and identity aren’t measured in standard servings. A world of better choices, fewer hangovers and unforgettable Sunday mornings.”

Hello sunday morning.

There will be open floor time for any questions and sharing.


After all this inspiring information we will have live Music from Sar Friedman – Medicine Voice

Sar has been singing, recording and touring in various bands and experimental groups for over a decade and will be sharing her amazing gift with us.


YUMMY raw treats and alcohol free drinks will be availible to purchase.

Pleases bring a open mind and a cushion if you desire.